Coding a contract management software from Syncode.

Contract management software is a fast growing business within Australia, so Syncode is coding its own software.

What is contract management software?

Contract management software is used to manage the creation, negotiation, signature, renewal and data analysis of legal contracts. It enables business teams to self-serve, agree and manage routine contracts at scale from one unified workspace.

Employment agreements are more important than ever before with rising compliance eyes on the every move of franchising and multisite groups. Empower your franchisees to hire staff by making use of your templates. They will ONLY be able to change the elements that you mark as variable, such as name, start-date, salary, etc. The core of the contract will remain locked down, greatly reducing the risk of non-compliant contracts circulating within your business

In the enterprise, contract management software can be used to manage a new contract request, capture data related to the contract and document authoring, contract creation and negotiation. The software can then follow the contract as it goes through the review and approval process, providing documentation for digital signatures and execution of the contract, including post-execution tracking and commitments management. Such software not only provides business owners with better visibility into the status of a specific contract, it also facilitates reporting and compliance.

A Contract Management System (CMS), sometimes called Control Lifecycle Management manages the production and management of contracts, Service Level Agreements (SLA) and Procurement Master Agreements.

Contracts are core to any business’s procurement activities. They set out the prices, service levels, terms and supplier relationship and ensure that your company is regularly supplied with their direct and indirect supplies.

A company’s Contract Management System not only sets out these important details but also controls a company’s risk of a vendor not performing correctly

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